Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Program Overview & Eligibility

What is CUVitality?
It is a credit union human resource solution. The program seeks to offer a full portfolio of employee benefits, benefit and HR support services, and risk management services with the objective of helping improve the vitality of the credit union, both from a financial and productivity perspective.

Who is eligible to participate in CUVitality?
Credit unions must be members of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues.

Will this save me money?
CUVitality has put intensive effort into designing a risk management strategy for
participating employers to lower costs designed around two key areas:

  • Providing attractive employee benefit options that help you attract and retain the
    talent you work hard to find.
  • Protecting the collaboration of participating employers in the area of health profile
    risk. CUVitality employs many strategies to protect and improve the risk profile of
    participating employee populations to afford long-term dollar savings in the areas
    of premium cost, productivity, reduced absenteeism, and presenteeism.

Plan Designs

What if we are located primarily in California, but have a few employees in other states?
For employers headquartered in California, employees who are located outside of
California will be limited to selecting the PPO Plan.

How can we easily compare CUVitality's plan designs to ours?
Upon obtaining a quote for your employees, we will prepare a detailed analysis of the benefit characteristics, plan features, and cost. Your presentation will show a side-by-side comparison of your current plan and costs, with the proposed quote. The plan feature comparison matches each type of coverage and plan feature, line by line. The cost comparison includes the total premium cost by family tier, and the employer and employee share of that total cost. This provides an easy way to identify the differences, and quantify the impact on the employee and employer cost.

If we are a small credit union, how will that affect the quotes developed?
Our core designs are based on what is considered a "large group" of 51 or more employees enrolled in the medical plan. For credit unions with 2 to 50 employees, we offer CUVitality through our Professional Employer Organization (PEO) which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the California League Services Corporation.

The PEO provides employee benefits and payroll services through a co-employment arrangement. We would become the employer of record for tax purposes and the credit union would continue to direct and manage the employees' activities. This arrangement allows small credit unions to receive the benefit rate advantage of a group of more than 51 employees while outsourcing some HR functions such as payroll.

Broker Partnership

How does this affect our current broker relationship?
As you join the offerings from CUVitality, and in order for Digital to negotiate with the carrier on your behalf and manage the coverages for you, it will require assigning Digital as your Broker of Record. We provide the Broker of Record Change letter template and instructions for you to use.

Quotes & Enrollment

Is there a template for other non-census data being requested?
Because of the variety of data sources, and delivery methods from carriers (hard copy, PDFs), we accept scans of any hard copy data which can then be attached to an email. We also accept any documents in Word or Excel. We will work with you to make the submission process as smooth as possible.

Regarding the information required for a quote, what if I have never received any claim data from my carrier or broker?
Employers usually are aware of serious health conditions, even if they haven't received actual claim data. Most carriers will respond to a request for any large claim data, but if not, please notify us of any known serious conditions.

What is the typical turn-around time for quotes with the carriers?
The turn-around time will average three weeks, based on the steps to clarify submitted data, and review the quotes as they are issued.

If I decide to join CUVitality before my current contracts expire how do I notify my current carrier that I am changing midyear?
Notification should be in writing, and should consider the notification requirements described in your current carrier contract. Your Digital support team can help you with the best way to notify your current carrier that you are considering a move to CUVitality.

How will enrolling midyear affect us if our benefit plan renews on January 1?
Carriers have the ability to issue a quote based on a short year, allowing you to renew on schedule. They can also quote an extended contract, if you were to enroll in the last half of the year, so that your rates would carry you through December 31st for a January 1st renewal.

For more information, please email Lynn Athens .

(Updated October 2013)


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